Vehicle Wraps

Fancy Fleet

Low Cost – High Recall
Creating high impact fleet vehicles provides far superior reach, frequency and recall than other marketing methods.

Think of vehicle signage like a company uniform. Consistent in colour, shape and form and professional from morning to night.

Be one in a million, not one of a million!

From custom cars to custom “toys”
Decals and wraps aren’t just for your cars, trucks, SUV’s and vans. You can also customize your “toys” as well. From snowmobiles to boats to quads and sport utility trailers, we’ve done it all.

Let us help you really personalize your vehicles and toys so there are no others like it out there. Why have one of a million when you can have one in a million.

Service with Style

Style isn’t just for the runway…
…it’s also for the roadway! Service and company vehicles are perfect for advertising your company logo and message AND they’re big enough you can get creative, clever and really have them look twice. We can wrap your entire vehicle or provide partial wraps. Or if you prefer something simple and bold we can affix vehicle logo decals where ever you choose, ensuring the quality and integrity of your logo.

**CAUTION** Staring longingly at our signed vehicles can cause sudden impact with other vehicles, people and/or road obstructions. Always drive with caution.

Low Cost per Impression

A little goes a long way
Personalizing your vehicle is ideal for home based and multinational companies because everywhere you travel you will make a direct impact on potential customers 24/7. Decal it, wrap it or partially wrap it and get maximum exposure every time you hit the streets!

Likely no graphical product exists today that will impact our visual world, quite like vehicle wrap graphics. A revolution is just beginning that will dramatically alter the ‘look’ of our roadways. Speedpro vehicle wraps range from partial vehicle wrap graphics to full-on, in-your-face presentations that literally force potential customers to look. Speedpro vehicle wrap designs are so effective and innovative that they have literally catapulted the growth of many businesses, as a major branding tool. Fleet vehicle wrap graphics for companies like Shaw Cable bolster brand awareness, while smaller companies have seen tremendous growth due to awareness created on 2-3 vehicles applied in a given trade area. Creative, reflective film usage can enhance the appearance of the vehicle wrap for exposure at night.

Speedpro has started to work with National brands, interested in securing personally owned vehicles for use in vehicle wrap displays.

Less than 1% of the vehicles on the Roadways today are wrapped. It is estimated that within the next 5-7 years, this trend will explode as all businesses look for less expensive-more effective branding methods. Upwards of 37-40% of all vehicles will have some branded wrap, image or pattern/texture applied to create the unique ‘look’ everyone wants. Considering that there will be in excess of 300 million vehicles on American roadways, the growth potential is truly staggering. Businesses want to build brands and Americans love their cars. From branding vehicle wraps to camouflage patterns to a Realtor’s face on the side of her SUV, it is not hard to envision this growth, as this trend explodes!

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